Jupiter Dunes      

The Jupiter Dunes development consists of four sections: the golf course,  Condo A,  Condo B, and  Condo C (Condo C is also known as “The Estuary”). The entire development is located east of Highway A1A, on both sides of Jupiter Beach Road.

This web site has been around since 1999. Originally, it was developed just for Condo B, but there is now some interest in expanding it to also cover Condo A. That would depend on what the Conco A board wants to do. In the future, it could also be extended to Condo C.

Condo B, from the lagoon

In addition to the picture above, this site has a page with five more pictures of Condo B, as well as the Condo B Owners Section.

Notes on the history of our area:

This site has a growing accumulation of historical information. We started with aerial photos from 1953 and 1964. These are accompanied by a narration about the route of the "Celestial Railroad" and a lot about the Dixie Highway. There is a map of the entire highway from Miami to Canada, and you can also trace its route through Jupiter. Today, all that’s left of the Dixie Highway in Jupiter is some disconnected roads with the name "Old Dixie Highway."

Recently, Tom Monahan, a resident of Condo A, provided us with notes taken from The Loxahatchee Lament. His notes are about the information that is specific to Jupiter Dunes. Here is a page with Tom's notes. One of his notes is about how the Jupiter Inlet used to move around, up or down the coast. That might confuse you if you don't know something about our lagoon, the one that runs past Condo B. At various points in the past, that lagoon was a section of the Jupiter Inlet.

Ann Abbott has been looking through the on-line archives of the Palm Beach Post, and has found a couple of interesting items. One is an amusing ad for Jupiter Dunes that ran in the March 2, 1980 Post. If you were in this area thirty years ago, do you think the ad would encourage you to buy a condo here? The other item is an article about the Jupiter Dunes golf course.

Some of the residents in Condo A are continuing to research the history of Jupiter Dunes. If you'd like to be involved with what they are doing, send an e-mail to this site, or get in touch with Tom Monahan. In the future, this site will report on anything uncovered.

Other Interesting Links:

The Jupiter Inlet Webcam: This shows a picture of the Jupiter Inlet. The webcam is on top of Ocean Trails and the picture is updated regularly. There is other information and other pictures there. Clicking on any picture gives you a beautiful, high-resolution version.

A Google satellite view of our neighborhood: If you can figure out Google's controls, you can explore other areas around here.

Zillow.com: This is a real estate site with an interesting feature. Give it the address of any residence, practically anywhere, and it will show you an aerial picture of the residence, its estimated selling price, and prices for every other residence in the area. Mark Romanski (in unit 1906) told us about this site.

The Town of Jupiter’s Web Site: There is a lot of information here.

The Maltz Jupiter Theater: This is directly across A1A from us. It started as the Burt Reynolds Dinner Theater, went out of business, and now is back.

Jupiter Dunes Golf: Our golf course now has a web site. It went on-line in December of 2005.

Jupiter Bandits: This is a pretty funny web site put together by some old guys who play the Jupiter Dunes golf course every week. See especially their page with 500 or so golf jokes.

You can send us e-mail at . The webmaster is Bob Abbott (2002 Fairway Drive South, Jupiter, FL 33477). The site runs on free pages that Comcast provides for its Internet customers.